How to make and set up a website for less than $2

Hello! This guide is made to make you set up your own website from scratch with zero HTML or programming knowledge needed. I will also teach you how to use the lowest amount of money possible without compromising efficiency whatsoever.

I’ll explain to you how to get a Domain + Hosting, and also some SEO tools + WordPress CMS. If you don’t know what all of this means, don’t worry, is not complicated whatsoever. Here is an explanation:

  • Domain: This is the name of your website. Think of it as an address to a house
  • Hosting: this is where all your website files are stored. Following the last example, think of it as the house itself. In order to get a website, you need both a domain and a hosting provider company.
  • SEO: stands for Search Engine Optimization, and encapsulates the actions to take for your page to get visitors.
  • CMS: stands for content management system, or in simple man’s terms, a website creation tool. WordPress in arguably the best CMS and is super beginners-friendly.


First, let’s get you a Domain. I recommend you to Use Godaddy to get your first domain “.com” for a dollar.

As alternatives, you can get you domain name from,  or get a free Domain with your Hosting purchase on, which cost you about $5 a month BUT there is a catch, you have to purchase for a year plus some upsells so you will end up paying between $65.40 and $137.04 if not more.


As of right now, BlueHost is the best hosting there is, there is no denying.  But this guide purpose is to use the less money possible.

Now, there are some free hosting providers too, but he uptime (the time your website is available o the public) is lower than normal ( 99.98% of uptime) or the customer support is lacking.

What I did is, I used Affilorama’s Hosting which I obtained by getting a “premium membership” for $1. Affilorama is a website built by e-commerce expert Mark Ling, and the premium membership naturally cost $69, except for the first month.

You can create another account once your first month finishes, and change your hosting from one account to another in order to keep paying $1 a month.

Affilorama also comes with SEO and CMS tools to get your website running.

So at the end of the exercise, you have paid:

$0.99 (GoDaddy first Domain) + $1 (Affilorama’s Hosting + web-building tools) = $1.99

You have successfully made a website for $2 and its maintenance has been reduced to $1 a month.


Step 1: This is an exact description of how I did it. If you haven’t already, get a Domain. This link should take you to a S/.2.75 Godaddy offer from Peru which equates to 0.85 USD. Such link could automatically redirect to your country and the offer may differ. If that’s the case don’t worry, you can still search for $0.99 “.com” Godaddy domain on google, you’ll find some coupons and Godaddy partner websites that have the offer available. 

Step 2: Go to Affilorama and get a premium membership. In order to do so, sing up for an account, after that the website will give you the option to upgrade to different plans, choose the 30-day trial Upgrade option.

Go back to Affilorama’s home page.

Scroll down and click on “View Hosting”

Write down your complete website URL and click on “Activate”

Now your Domain URL will appear below “My Hosted Domains”

Editor’s Note: If you want more information about Affilorama, this page has a review of all its programs and what they are all about, along with the good and the bad. Link Here


Step 3: Once you have purchased a Godaddy Domain, log in to your account, click on your name and then click “My Products”

Click on “Manage”. Every Domain you have purchased will appear in this section.

Here we are going to link your Affilorama’s Hosting with your Godaddy’s Domain. Click on the arrow next to your Domain name and the click on “Manage DNS”.

Scroll down to your Nameservers. Change them to the following:

The final result should look like this. You are done! you have successfully linked both accounts.

Step 4: Now it’s time to set up WordPress in order to facilitate the design process and aesthetics of your page. Go back to Affilorama and this time click on “Access”

Scroll down to the CGI Script portion and click on “WordPress Blog” to initiate the installation, follow some simple steps and you are set.

Enter your website in the address bar or access You will see this display, probably with little variations because your page is fresh. Here you can either follow WordPress instructions for new users to set up your page or look around for yourself. For a quick design, click on “Themes”

A WordPress theme is an easily customizable styling for your page. In this section, you will see some themes WordPress has for you by default. You can add more themes by clicking on “Add new”.

As an example, we will select “Twenty Fifteen” Theme. On “Theme Details” you can see what the approach of the theme is, always look for “Responsive” themes, this means such theme is highly compatible with mobile devices. Click on “Live Preview”.

On the right, you have quick access to menus, widgets and such. You can modify them there or by clicking on those pencils you see next to a section. All modifications are lived so you can see in real time visual differences between now and before.

Click on “Set and Activate” and you have now your page 100% running and going.

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For any kind of question, feedback and suggestions. use the comment section and I’ll be happy to answer you.